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Frequently Asked Questions

We're excited that you're interested in selling your artwork on Crib of Art! To begin, please create an artist account and upload a government-issued photo ID for verification. Once approved, you can start listing your artwork for sale. Additionally, we recommend completing your profile with details about your background, including your education, exhibition history, and an artist statement. Providing this information can enhance your chances of selling your work and catching the eye of our curators.

Crib of Art embraces the work of emerging artists of all backgrounds. If you're at least 18 years old, you can sell your art on Crib of Art upon approval by our team.

Crib Art offers a platform for artists to sell works across a diverse range of mediums, such as painting, collage, photography, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, and limited editions.

After your artwork sells, you'll receive an email notification. Next, you'll arrange a pickup time with our courier service for the sold piece. We'll provide all necessary shipping documents and labels. Rest assured, the collector covers shipping expenses, while you're only responsible for packaging costs.

Your funds will appear in your Dashboard within 5-10 days following successful delivery. Payment options include checks or wire transfers, and there's no action required on your part as payments are released automatically.

With Crib of Art's competitive commission rate of only 40% (compared to the typical 50% taken by most galleries), you stand to earn more from your artwork sales, even when discounts are applied. If a promotional discount code is utilized, it will be subtracted from the artwork's price before calculating the 60/40 commission split, ensuring that we share the discount with you. Similar to other galleries, we occasionally provide promotional discounts to incentivize both new and returning collectors to explore our continually evolving artwork selection. We recognize that these promotions can help artists attract the attention of collectors who may not have been aware of their work previously, thereby enhancing their potential for future sales.

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